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  • Steve Spearman, Agile Transformation Coach and Trainer

Katie was a top notch program manager who covered a large area of vendor products for our team at VTG / Cisco. She was perhaps the only person capable of covering everything that was involved in this complex area. Katie delivered hardware and software products, defined processes, coordinated work with external partners including legal agreements like statements of work, tracked budgets, mentored team members, promoted team building, communication, collaboration, kept projects on track and within budget.

I would strongly recommend her!

Steve managed Katie M. indirectly at Cisco Systems.

  • Heather Gray - Agile Coach and Trainer at Davisbase Consulting

Katie is great to work with and is extremely skilled at handling complex projects requiring attention to detail. Katie has a wide variety of skills from documentation, contract negotiation as well as general project management expertise.

Heather managed Katie M. at Cisco Systems.

  • Paul Farley, Ph.D. Senior Technical Writer/Instructional Designer

When I worked for Katie, she managed technical deliverables and schedules for a sizable and very busy pubs department in what

then was Cisco's Service Provider Line of Business. Her job required a great deal of attention to detail, superior communications skills,

and a willingness to help out when time was tight and resources were stretched to capacity. That Katie has great people skills made this department a positive and enjoyable experience. During the several years in which I worked for Katie, she consistently guided our projects through to on time completion.......

It is not a coincidence that virtually all of her staff continued with Cisco long after Service Provider group was reorganized and were successful in other job assignments because of the strong leadership, support, and guidance we got from her.

I highly recommend Katie for any project that needs to be done right, on time, and on budget without sacrificing people to make it happen.

Paul reported to Katie M. at Cisco Systems.


  • Robert Mars, Founder & Principal at jazziTouch, LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Katie over the last 4 years in Cisco's Voice Technology Group. Katie was a great asset to the team as she coordinated and professionally handled many, often difficult, meetings with OEM vendors concerning hardware and software

specifications. She has outstanding communication, organization, and technical skills with a tenacity for bringing focus to meetings,

completing tasks, and meeting objectives. Her excellent insight expedited finding solutions to challenging and complex technical and coordination-related issues. Katie made attending meetings enjoyable and pleasant with her light approach. I would very much enjoy

working with Katie again given the opportunity.

Robert worked with Katie M. at Cisco Systems.


  • Jane Mellin, Senior Technical Writer at TiVo

I have known Katie Creegan since 1998, and we worked together extensively at Cisco. Katie is an extremely able program and people manager, who easily adapts to changes in plans and deliverables. Her motto has long been continuous improvement, and she constantly learns and applies new knowledge toward her goal. Katie values all the members of a project team and listens and acts effectively to help them fulfill their roles well. Her understanding of product development is very deep and broad at the same time. I strongly recommend her for occasions where a proactive, highly organized, and knowledgeable program manager is required.

Jane reported to Katie M. at Cisco Systems.